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Colon Hydrotherapy

A colonic is a gentle, professionally administered, internal bath for the lower bowel, or colon. Also known as the large intestine, this five feet long, hollow muscular tube manages the end stages of digestion; it conserves water, houses friendly bacteria, (essential to a healthy immune system), and forms, moves and stores solid waste. When the colon becomes congested because of slow, inadequate eliminations and a diet lacking in pure water and plant fiber, the stored  waste affects every body system. Colonic irrigation is the quickest way to detoxify the bowel, and at the same time, has the ability to restore lost muscle tone. Colonics, combined with a high fiber, alkaline-forming diet can rehabilitate a disabled, constipated colon, providing relief from many  conditions that are directly or indirectly related to unnatural storage of waste in one's colon.

Unmanaged stress is very constipating. The diet may contribute to stress, but exploring buried emotions that may be primary causes of abdominal discomfort and compromised digestion, is usually part of the healing journey. A more thorough look at colon hydrotherapy can be found among my blogs.

 "The bowel-wise person is the one who is armed with the correct information, practices discrimination in eating, and walks the path of a healthier life. His or her days are marked by well-being, vitality, and optimism, all of which result from having a vital, toxin-free body due to the efficient, regular cleansing action of a well-cared for bowel."


Dr. Bernard Jensen

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