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Carla Hope Andersen

is a 1982 graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Nursing, and since, has cared for people of all ages, in homes, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and wellness spas. It is Carla’s great privilege and honor to serve, keeping her charges informed,  comfortable and safe. Patient education helps to allay fears, validate normalcy, and maintain a sense of calm when life gets interrupted.

Happy Hearts Home Care was born from a desire to provide a calm, loving presence  and skillful nursing care to those experiencing the last stages of physical life. All of us, individual expressions of our divine Source, deserve love, respect and dignity, simply because We Are.

Death of the physical body is feared by most, often because we were not socialized to understand our Eternal, energetic nature. We ARE Energy, which is neither created, nor destroyed. It just IS.



“By the act of our focused, loving presence, combined with our intention to be clear strong conduits for directing divine energy, we can affect a change in the one we serve, facilitating that person’s transition from his or her physical form into his or her non-physical form with greater ease, peace, dignity, respect and even joy”

Joellyn St. Pierre


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In death, the physical body wears out. That which enlivens a physical body is Spirit - energy, which changes form, but cannot die. When we  teach a transitioning person to experience the withdrawal of life force from the body more consciously, they can depart, without fear, into higher states of consciousness, in alignment with Love and Source Energy. This is not something we have to DO or earn, it is something we are all learning to remember.

It is estimated that 8 million humans have had  Near Death Experiences. During these states, they become aware of their connectedness to all of life, and that this defines us as brethren, all Children of God. There are multiple common experiences described by those in this camp, including a new understanding of what is truly important (love and cooperation), becoming more compassionate, and losing one’s fear of death.


“Carla, it was great to be with you and to have you there with us as Papa transitioned. What a beautiful experience. Thank you, Carla, for guiding all of us.”

D. Magdael

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