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                                               Fees for Service

​​​ Nutrition/Digestive Health Counseling: $80/hour, $44/30 mins

In agreed upon location or by phone, Skype or email.          

Professionally Administered Colonics are currently not being offered.
Carla settled in Centreville, VA in the Spring of 2021, and is focused primarily on in-home nursing care of elders nearing end-of-life transition.
Self administration of high enemas can be taught by Carla in a client's home. This is a tremendously helpful and safe practice, which can help people reverse long standing digestive disturbances, and to prepare for  professional cleansing services.  Individualized counseling to help with preparation for colon cleansing, and self care that honors and preserves digestive health is always available by appointment. Please call 757-818-3679 for your personal consultation.

Fee for in-home hydrotherapy counseling in northern VA:  108.00/90 minutes, plus travel time. A conversation to determine individual needs and eligibility is required.

Extended stays with you in your home to guide your food selection, preparation and  nutrition awareness, as well as detoxification support, are available upon request. Use of advanced healing practices, such as coffee enemas, castor oil packs and massage is included. Fees negotiable based on time investment.

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